With over 400 member companies and 13 regional delegations,
Syntec-Ingénierie is a professional federation of consulting engineering companies in France.

Syntec-Ingénierie’s teams and elected representatives
guide engineering companies in developing their business, in France and abroad.


Represent and guide

professional engineering companies towards
public authorities and clients

Promote engineering

and its business areas, to students and young people as well as to professionals in the Ecosystem

Decipher and analyse

societal challenges in order to encourage the development of engineering in the future

French engineering

a dynamic profession that creates value...


  • Turnover of 55 billion euros
  • 312,000 employees with an average age of 37
  • 55,000 recruitments are under way all over France
  • 76% of the companies are based out of the Paris area
  • 91% of employees have permanent contracts
  • 6.2% of turnover dedicated to Research & Development versus 2.2% on average in France.


  • Activity on all 5 continents
  • In 2017, 1 engineering company in 4 achieved over 50% of its turnover internationally
  • In 2017, international turnover has grown to 54% following a survey
  • For 35% of all companies surveyed, Europe is the number one geographical region for developing their business in the future
  • Over 60% of engineering companies have backers (IFIs) contributing to their project budgets


Sustainable and connected cities, smart buildings, self-driving cars, the industry of the future… Engineering is everywhere. Anchored in our daily life, it structures our lifestyles and turns new ideas into projects.
Promoting technological solutions, engineering companies navigate projects throughout their life cycle. This involves studying, designing and organising production of structures, facilities, products or developments with which we interact on a daily basis.


The “Société du Grand Paris” tests an “anti-stopper solution”

As part of the construction work for the future line 15 of the Grand Paris Express and its stations, the Société du Grand Paris and Egis group conducted an experiment to reduce road congestion around construction sites. The principle: pay drivers who choose to avoid congested routes. A kind of “positive toll” or incentive to encourage them to change their driving behaviour.

The Technical University of Valencia (Spain) and Altran jump on board – ALTRAN

Altran’s Spanish R&D teams have joined forces with thirty or so students from the Technical University of Valencia to take up the challenge set by Elon Musk: to develop a revolutionary new mode of land transport.